Midwife's Assistant Orientation for the Student Midwife

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Midwife’s Assistant DVD This 4 dvd-appox 6 hours of clinical training includes:
Assisting a midwife at a homebirth
Assisting with the set up of birth, IV, suturing and newborn exam trays
Duties before, during and after the birth * Emergency procedure: Shoulder dystocia, Hemorrhage, Undiagnosed Breech, Non-reassuring fetal heart tones
Maternal Shock
Neonatal Resuscitation set up and procedures specific to homebirth
Transport procedures
Oxygen tank usage
How to take Blood Pressure
IV procedures
Leopold’s Maneuvers
Doppler Usage
Midwife’s Assistant kit
Informed Choice

DVD #1: Introduction, Requirements, Duties, Informed Choice, The Delivery, Postpartum, Waterbirth, Cleanup Duties, Blood Pressure, Leopold's Maneuvers, Fetal Heart Auscultation, Record-Keeping, Emergency Medical Services

DVD #2: Emergency Procedures, Oxygen Usage, Resuscitation of the Newborn, Intravenous Fluid Administration



Instructors include:
Lainna Wheatley MScM, BScM, Faculty at the Midwives College of Utah
Joanne Przystawka Registered Nurse/Nurse Practitioner
Jean Elmer Registered Respiratory Therapist
Barbara Barta Registered Midwife

Elizabeth Herman, Registered Nurse