Placenta: The Gift of Life

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Did you know that—

  • In the 16th century a piece of placenta was added to the mother’s first postpartum meal in southern Germany?
  • Or that in the 1970s Cuba exported 40 tons of human placentas to a French laboratory after discovering that it could be used to successfully treat vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose pigment?
  • Or that, even today, in many areas of the world, if a child needs special protection, a dried part of the placenta is tied around his neck?

These facts and more can be found in Motherbaby Press’s seminal publication: Placenta: The Gift of Life. Do you want to use your baby’s placenta for a birth ritual or as an aid to bonding and breastfeeding? This book contains comprehensive and up-to-date information on how the placenta has been used in the past, medical uses throughout the world, and how individuals can make use of the placenta in a variety of ways. This may involve burial under a certain kind of tree, drying for use as a lucky charm, or even ingestion as a medicine.

Placenta: The Gift of Life combines the experiences of midwives, doctors and naturopaths with our ancestors’ traditions, and saves some old recipes from oblivion. Learn about:

  • Historical uses of the placenta
  • The use of the placenta in postpartum healing and breastfeeding
  • Regulation and current medical and cosmetic uses of the placenta in various countries
  • Scientific evidence supporting the medicinal uses of placenta
  • How to process placenta for medical use
  • Recipes for using the placenta

While numerous articles have been written on the subject, this unique and groundbreaking book is the only guide to using placenta currently on the market.