Belly Love Meditation CD

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We are thrilled to introduce this wonderful CD created by our dear friend Lee-Anne Wiseman.

Belly Love is a powerful meditation CD and complementary wellness program dedicated to helping moms have a happier, healthier pregnancy. Meditations, seminars and workshops provide moms with the skills to enjoy all the amazing changes coming their way by focusing on bringing peace, joy and health to mom and her baby.

7 different meditations include:
Belly Love • Self Love • Body Awareness and Relaxation
Empowering the Body for Birth • Maternal Wisdom
Center of Strength • Breathe Free

Each meditation is accompanied by relaxing, soothing music composed to help moms enjoy a few moments of peace.

Benefits of Belly Love
Meditation helps us relax our body and minds, which is especially beneficial during pregnancy. Working with Belly Love can help moms enjoy a healthier and happier pregnancy, a healthier and calmer baby, a healthier home environment once the baby is born, and an appreciation of the strength and knowledge that is within their body and self.