Aromatherapy Labour Spritzer

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Aromatherapy Labour Spritzer

60ml spritz bottle.  Lots for a long labour and post birth relaxation.

This aromatherapy spritzer promotes calm and relaxation while encouraging contractions.  Shake well and spritz on the face, or around the room as needed.  **Not recommended to use before 37 weeks.  Some essential oils can discolour upholstery and fabrics, so be careful where you spray.


  • Neroli water ~ Calm the nervous system during fear and anxiety
  • Lavender essential oil ~ soothing and relaxing sedative
  • Clary Sage essential oil ~ promote uterine contractions
  • Jasmine essential oil ~ uplifting antidepressant
  • Basil essential oil ~ eases anxiety, promotes alertness
  • Peppermint essential oil ~ helps nausea, clears head, refreshing