La Bassine Regular Pool - PROFESSIONAL

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 La Bassine Professional Pool- Designed for multiple uses with a 10 use/1 year warranty!

  • Manufactured from extra heavy duty 0.60mm eco friendly vinyl 
  • Rigid walls, strong and supportive enough to lean on
  • Anti-flooding mechanism – The built in vertical I-beams gives an incomparable firmness to the wall, while also acting as a fail safe mechanism in the event of an accidental puncture
  • Eco-Friendly Vinyl – Highly durable vinyl which does not contain any phthalates, lead or cadmium so often used in plastic production
  • Carbon Neutral - Made in Water Ltd has made a donation to the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Fund to offset the emission of carbon dioxide from the production and shipping of La Bassine
  • Ethically manufactured - All our manufacturers are independently audited to ensure safe and fair employment practice
  • Quality and Durability - Made with Super-Strong Vinyl (0.60mm thickness), each pool is factory tested to ensure that it has no defects